Tabitha Eve Organic Make Up Rounds Review

I am always using cotton pads in my skincare routines and recently I started to notice just how many I'm getting through so I wanted to find something reusable. And these cam in a beauty box so it couldn't have been more perfect timing! 
Tabitha Eve Organic Make Up Rounds Review
Tabitha Eve Organic Make Up Rounds Review
The Tabitha Eve Make Up Pads are available in different pack sizes, for a pack of 5 they retail for £6. These are reusable makeup rounds made from organic cotton and bamboo with biodegradable fabric. These can be used to remove makeup and nail polish as well as to apply toners and acids to the face. These are cut and made to order by hand so there will be slight variations in size and shape. 

I have been loving these! I don't use them to remove nail polish but for removing makeup and applying skincare they are fantastic! They are super soft and gentle on the skin and I have no issues with them when removing makeup. So not only are they gentle on the skin but they are also gentle on the planet so it's a win-win! They will also save you a few pennies too. 

These cotton pads have been so handy to have and I have been using them a lot. I will definitely be buying more so I can have some on hand while they are in the wash. Speaking of washing them, I would definitely recommend getting one of those washing bags (like the ones you can use to wash bras) so that they don't get damaged or lost in your clothes. The fabrics used are liable to shrinking in the wash by 10% so to minimise this, they recommend that you wash them on a cool setting. 



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