No Mo-Stache Facial Razor Review

I have been shaving my face with one of these razors for a while now and honestly, it's life-changing (and no, it doesn't grow back darker or thicker) so when this one arrived in a beauty box, I was excited to try it out!
No Mo-Stache Razor Review
No Mo-Stache Razor Review
The No Mo-Stache Facial Razor retails for £6.50 and has been designed to make hair removal easy and with as less pain as possible. These razors can be used to eliminate peach fuzz which is mainly what I use mine for but you can also give them to tidy the brows etc.

This razor is compact and once extended it's really easy to hold while in use. There are a lot of benefits from using these razors and my skin loves the results. Once the peach fuzz is removed, your skincare products will be able to sink into the skin better so you will see better results! Mt face always feels so much better when I shave the peach fuzz away regularly and my makeup always applies so much smoother. 

I have used a lot of razors like this in the past, usually the cheap ones but this one is definitely worth the price as it is the best one I have used. But be careful with it because I didn't realise just how sharp it is and when I used it for the first time I did give myself a light cut on my cheek. And as it is collapsible, it's travel friendly (not that we can actually travel right now). I can't recommend using one of these razors enough, they are a game-changer. 



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