Products I'm Currently Trialling

I am trialling a lot of new products at the moment and I thought I would share a few first impressions today. Full reviews are coming soon and I have purchased more products to test over the summer so there are a lot of exciting reviews to come!
Products I'm Currently Trialling
The first product I have been testing out is the Clinique iD Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly + Active Cartridge Concentrate. I have the one for uneven skin tone and I have been using this for a few weeks now as my morning moisturiser. This is a great product for my skin that is combination and needs help with skin tone issues after years of having acne in my teens. It doesn't leave me feeling greasy and it sinks in quickly. This is expensive so hopefully, it does what it claims. 

Next up I have been trying out three of the Pat McGrath Lip Balms. These were on sale recently, a mini trio for £10, and I couldn't resist! This is one seriously hyped product and I have heard amazing things about the brand. The main reason why I wanted to try out some products from the brand was that I know Taylor Swift is a fan and we all know how much I adore her! So far I am loving these. I'm usually not a fan of nude lips but the nude shade is my favourite one so far. 

And finally, I have been trying more products from Aldi. The Lacura Mighty Shampoo and Conditioner are copies of the Aussie products and they smell very similar! I am intrigued to see if these are half as good as the Aussie originals as they are super cheap. I have had good luck with Lacura products so far so hopefully, I like these as well. 



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