Glossier Brow Flick Review (+ Discount Code)

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I have been posting a lot about Glossier in the last couple of months and I'm back today with another product review. Brow Flick is a product from the brand that I hadn't heard too much of so I was intrigued to try it myself.Glossier Brow Flick Review (+ Discount Code)Glossier Brow Flick Review (+ Discount Code) Glossier Brow Flick is a microfine detailing pen that's available in three shades. It has a brush tip applicator, similar to the Pro Tip Liquid Eyeliner and it will fill in and define the brow arch, extend the tail and add depth to sparse areas. The brush-tip will allow you to create featherlight strokes that look real and natural. The three shades it comes in are Blond, Brown and Black, I have the Brown option which is on the slightly darker side so it's a great match for my brows. 

Now, I basically don't have any brows so this isn't a product for me to do my complete brows with. But if you have great natural brows that you are already happy with and don't need a tonne to enhance them, this would be a good product for you. I personally hate using this to do my complete brow with because I have hardly any brows to begin with so it doesn't look all that natural on me. But I do like using it for the tail of my brow as it is so precise and it works well with other products. It works well for the beginning of the brow to make sure they don't end up looking too harsh. 

When I first got mine through the letterbox, it was quite dry on first application but I have been storing it upright (with the lid end at the bottom) and it fixed that issue by the next day. The brush tip is fantastic as you can be so precise with it and the pigmentation of the product isn't so intense so you don't have to worry too much if you have a heavy hand with it. It's extremely long-lasting and I am always looking for this quality in my beauty products. 

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Glossier is a cruelty-free brand. 



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