Tropic Cleansing Pebbles

- This post contains gifted items -

I haven't tried much from Tropic recently but I was really intrigued by these solid soaps as I don't ever actually use products like this so I thought it would be fun to try. I have tried a lot from Tropic in the past and really liked the products so I had high hopes for these.
Tropic Cleansing Pebbles
The Tropic Cleansing Body Pebbles are available in for scent options, I have the Creamy Colada and Original variations to talk about today. These pebbles are plastic-free if that is something that you are trying to be better about. They retail for £8 each and they are on the larger side so they will last you a while!

Out of the two scent options I have, I do prefer the Creamy Colada, especially at the moment with the warm weather. It has that coconuty scent which I know not everybody loves but this is one of the best coconut scents I have smelt as it isn't too overpowering or sickly. The original does have a slight scent but it isn't too strong but I can't pinpoint the actual fragrance of it.

These pebbles will lather on the skin so you can easily cleanse and they will also be conditioning on the skin. I love that these are conditioning as I always forget to actually apply moisturising products. These are refreshing as well so they are great to use in the mornings. They don't leave the skin feeling dry or uncomfortable and they are great for washing your hands also.

Tropic is a cruelty-free brand. 



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