Erborian CC Creme Review

 - This post contains a gifted item - 

I used to be a full-coverage face lover but recently I have been going for less and less each time I apply my makeup. So CC creams have been a favourite of mine as they will provide good coverage without looking like I am wearing a full face. Erborian CC Creme ReviewI have tried a few products from Erborian over the last couple of years and I really rate what I have tried, one of my favourite base products is the CC Red Correct so I was excited to try out the original. The CC Cream is available in three shades and I have the Clair option which is the lightest one available. It's a great match for my skin tone as it does adapt as applied. 

CC Cream is a well-known Korean beauty secret when it comes to perfecting and enhancing complexions. This product has SPF 25 so you will know your skin is going to be protected against sun damage but it is always important to apply an SPF in your skincare routine as well. Along with SPF, this product also contains a formulation that puts skincare first with CC pigments to provide freshness, radiance and an overall enhanced complexion. 

This is a great product for no makeup days or when I only want to enhance my skin without a heavy-looking base. This doesn't provide a lot of actual coverage but it does enhance and smooth over any discolouration or blemishes that I have at the time. I love how healthy and radiant this makes my skin look! I add a light layer of powder to make sure that it lasts all day with my oily skin and it works wonders. My main issues with my skin are scarring from years of acne and some discolouration which are all in one area of my face. I like to use this as a base in this area and add a touch of concealer and I'm good to go! 

This product is available in two size options with prices between £18 and £39. You only need a tiny amount of this product so it does last a while! 



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