Pixi Clarity Tonic Review

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I have been a fan of Pixi skincare for years now and the Glow Tonic is worth all of the hype it receives. So when this new Clarity skincare range was released, I was so excited as it sounded like exactly what my skin needed. Pixi Clarity Tonic Review The Pixi Clarity Tonic is part of the brand new skincare collection from the brand and is perfect for those of us with spot and blemish-prone skin. This product has a clarifying formula thanks to a trio of AHAs that will provide exfoliating actions. There is Salicylic acid to cleanse keep into the pores to help remove impurities and prevent congestion, Glycolic Acid to help restore a natural glow and leaving the skin feeling soft and refined while Lactic Acid will hydrate and exfoliate to balance skin.

It has also been enriched with antioxidants that will help reinforce the skin's natural defences against the damaging effects of environmental aggressors like pollution. And probiotics to help balance the complexion to promote clearer skin. This product (and range) is ideal for those with stressed and blemish-prone skin types and will help minimise the appearance of pores and uneven texture also calming and clearing.

I have been using this a couple of days a week as my acid in my skincare routine. It works great in my morning and evening skincare routines but if you do use it in the morning, make sure you always wear SPF to protect your skin. I saturate a cotton pad with the product and sweep across the face and neck after cleansing. 

I am loving this product! I purchased the smaller size for £10 to test out if my skin would like it but I am definitely going to order the full size. This has been improving my skin so much since I introduced it into my skincare routines. I love that this contains Salicylic Acid as it works wonders on spots and breakouts and has been helping keep my skin clear. My skin has been so much brighter since I started using this and looking so much smoother. I did have a lot of uneven skin tone and a little bit of uneven texture and this has also helped improve that. I think I might like this more than Glow Tonic! 

Pixi is a cruelty-free brand. 



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