Cleansing with Temple Spa

 - This post contains gifted items -

Over the last couple of years, I have tried a few products from Temple Spa and recently they sent over a few of their skincare products to try. These two products have become a great part of my skincare routine and I am always up for trying a new skincare device! Cleansing with Temple Spa The Dual Act Wet & Dry Face Cleanser for combination skin retails for £21 and is a multi-tasking cleanser. You can use this in two different ways, applied directly to dry skin as a wipe-off lotion or add some water to make it lather before washing away any traces of dirt and left behind makeup. I personally like to use it mixed with water and as a second step cleanser or as my morning cleanse. I wear quite a lot of mascara (and makeup in general) so I like something a little more heavy-duty to remove it with ease. 

Firstly, this cleanser smells amazing as it has a spa-like scent that makes the experience even better. I really like the consistency of the product as it has a gel-like texture which is gentle but effective for my skin. It contains tomatoes that will help to control oil production and will gently exfoliate the skin as it removes dead skin cells to give the skin a clearer, even and glowing effect. It also has anti-inflammatory elements which are great if you have combination or acne-prone skin. I have been really liking this, it always leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean and any breakouts have started to clear up since I started using this daily. 

The Clean Up Your Act Facial Cleansing Brush retails for £50 and is one of my favourite things I have tried recently. This is a dual-function device that has wireless charging, I love this element as no other product I have tried so far has this! This device will help leave your skin deeply cleansed and left supple and firm. It's double-sided which 8000 sonic pulsations per minute but with low-frequency sonic waves. The brush consists of super-soft silicone bristles that are multi-textured. It also helps remove 95% of dirt, makeup, impurities and excess oil. I love using tools and devices in my skincare routine and this one is the one I have been using the most recently. Using this in combination with the cleanser leaves my skin deeply cleansed and fresh, ready for the next steps in my skincare routine. 



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