Lush Christmas 2020 Haul

It's basically the most wonderful time of the year! Dolly Parton's Christmas album is out, the Netflix holiday movies have been announced and Lush Christmas is on the shelves. I picked up four products recently, one cult favourite and three new to me products and I can't wait for all the baths! Lush Christmas 2020 Haul I only shop at Lush during the holiday season and this won't be my last haul, I need to stock up on some Snow Fairy asap! But for this trip, I picked up two bath bombs and two reusable bubble bars. The first of the two bath bombs I picked up was the Butterbear Bath Bomb (£2.95). I buy at least one of these bath bombs every year and I love the new bear mold! The bear is even cuter this year. It's full of cocoa butter and ylang ylang to leave your skin feeling super soft and smooth. This product has long-lasting hydration benefits. 

The other bath bomb I got was the Snowman Dreaming (£3.50) which is a lavender-scented bath product and one review says it's like Olaf in bath bomb form and if you know me, you will know I am a huge Frozen fan! I'm really excited to use this one as it will leave a rainbow trail as it fizzes around the bathwater. 

The two reusable bubble bars I picked up were the Candy Cane (£3.95) and the Elfie Stick (£3.95). Both of these are to be placed under running water and will create tonnes of bubbles. They can be used for 2-4 baths depending on how much you use them each time. The Candy Cane will turn the bath water a light orange and is scented with a fruity fresh fragrance thanks to Bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils. The Elfie Stick has a sweet banana scent, and will turn the bath water a lime colour. 

I have so many other products I want to pick up soon including I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas bath bomb, Kinky Boots bubble bar and the Angels Delight bath bomb. 

Lush is a cruelty-free brand. 



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