Temple Spa Glowcolic Resurfacing Toner Review

- This post contains a gifted item -  

I have had quite a few posts up on Temple Spa recently and I am back today with another review. If you have been looking for a new exfoliating toner to try that's cruelty-free, it's definitely worth checking this sone out as I have been seeing some great results. Temple Spa Glowcolic Resurfacing Toner ReviewThe Glowcolic Resurfacing Glycolic Acid Toner retails for £20 and is an exfoliating toner containing glycolic acid, vitamin C, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid. I love exfoliating toners as they make the biggest difference to my skin and will help to reveal a smoother, healthier and brighter complexion. This product will do all of those things while also nourishing and balancing the skin. I love that it also contains hyaluronic acid as that is a hydrating ingredient and is a gamechanger in skincare.

How this toner works is by gently lifting away dead skin cells and impurities to renew, nourish and even out the skin's surface. If you have had problematic skin at all in your life which has left behind some discolouration and markings, products like this will make all the difference. I had acne through my teens and still struggle with spots and breakouts in my mid-twenties so I always like to have a toner like this in my skincare routines. 

 It's to be used after cleansing in your morning and evening skincare routines by applying some onto a cotton pad and sweeping across the face, neck and decolletage. If you use any acids in your skincare routines, make sure to wear SPF daily. I have been really liking this and seeing a difference. It's gentle on the skin but effective and has been making my skin look much brighter and smoother. I really like the packaging as it has a pump which makes easier to dispense onto a cotton pad and I don't waste any product. 

Temple Spa is a cruelty-free brand. 



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