Eylure Black Friday 2020 Lash Set at Boots

- This post contains a gifted item -  

When it comes to false lashes, you can't get much better than eylure for your money! They are hands down my favourite lashes not only on the high street but of all time. And this Black Friday in Boots stores they have a great set and if you are a lash lover, you aren't going to want to miss this one. Eylure Black Friday 2020 Lash Set at BootsEylure Black Friday 2020 Lash Set at Boots The Eylure Black Friday Lash Set retails for £17.85 and is only available in Boots stores and not online. This set includes three stunning pairs of lashes from the new Enchanted Crystal collection that has been inspired by the healing power of crystals. These mystical lash styles will have your lashes looking ready for any occasion, or let's face it - ready for that zoom call. 

The main reason why I have always liked Eylure products is because not only are they affordable, but they are of great quality. Every pair of lashes I have had from the brand has been lightweight on the lash line and comfortable to wear. I love the selection of lashes included in this set as you have lashes for day and night time makeup looks. You can get quite a few wears out of each pair if you look after them well after use and remove the glue, I never wear a pair of lashes just once! 

The first of the three included in the set are the Amethyst lashes, these are ultra voluminous and have a winged out effect. The Jade lashes area a light-weight yet dense lash and the Sapphire lashes are dense in style with a soft edge and will make an impact. As I like a bolder lash, the Sapphire lashes are my favourites! 



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