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Many of us have not been hitting the road as a consequence of which our vehicle keeps standing the entire day. This is causing a major damage to our car tyres. Here are some tyre care tips that will help you in keeping your car tyres roadworthy for as long as possible!

  1. Visual Checks

Make sure to visually check your car tyres after every drive, if possible, or at least twice a week and look out for any cuts, buldges or punctures on the tyre. Such a practice will help you to avoid unexpected punctures and even blow-outs while you’re driving.

  1. Tyre Pressure 

An optimum tyre pressure should be maintained at all cost as modern tyres have been designed to perform their best in that configuration. To know your respective optimum tyre pressure, take a look at your owner’s manual, and you’ll find it there! You could also consult a professional and get to know more about your tyres.

  1. Repair or Replace

Issues like minor tyre punctures, mis-aligned wheels and under/over inflated tyres can be fixed by visiting your nearby garage and reaching out to an expert. Tyre experts can also check the roadworthiness of your tyres by checking their internal and external condition.

There comes a times when your tyres are no longer worthy of driving along with. Under such conditions, motorists should always opt for tyre replacement to ensure their safety on road. Tyre replacement depends on multiple factors like driving style, kilometers driven, weather conditions and road conditions etc. It is essential to check your tyres on a regular basis and replace them with quality car tyres whenever required.

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