Christmas 2020 Movie Recommendations #4

Happy 1st of December! 2020 has gone by so quickly and yet so incredibly slow and I can't believe December is here. I have even more Christmas movie recommendations to share today from all different networks and streaming services. Christmas 2020 Movie Recommendations #4Christmas on Ice (Lifetime)

This is my first Lifetime movie of the year and it won't be the last. I really enjoyed this one and I'm not sure why I haven't watched more from Lifetime yet as they are so similar to Hallmark and a whole lot of Christmas fun! This one follows a figure skater and a hockey player as they work together to save an outdoor ice rink at Christmas time. 

A Nashville Christmas Carol (Hallmark Channel)

I love any Hallmark movie with a country theme and this was full of cheese and some great country Christmas songs. It's a reimaged version of the Christmas Carol (this might be a little shocking but I have never actually seen or read the Christmas Carol and had no idea what was happening at first). Both of the main actors starring in this are Hallmark regulars so I love watching anything they are in. 

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (Netflix Original)

I was so excited for this release and it did not disappoint! Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is one of my favourite things and I hate to say it but Santa is very attractive. If you haven't seen the first one, I highly recommend that and then binge this one afterwards. The storyline doesn't really continue but there are reoccurring characters and their first storyline makes much more sense in this movie if you watch it first. These movies are new Christmas movies that I know I will watch every year like The Santa Clause and The Grinch. 

Happiest Season (Hulu/Now TV)

This movie was spectacular. I was so excited to watch it and my expectations were high and they were surpassed! This one has a killer cast and Dan Levy in this is basically me. I cannot recommend this movie enough! If you only watch one movie I recommend this year, make it this. It's available to watch and rent through Prime and Apple TV etc and will be able on Now TV later in the month. Out of all of the Christmas movies I have watched this year, this is my favourite!

What Christmas movies have you been watching?



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