Christmas 2020 Movie Recommendations #6

It's time for my final pre-Christmas blog post before I take a couple of days off from posting so I thought I would end with some final movie recommendations. I have really enjoyed watching them all this year and these last ones are golden. My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood

I couldn't actually find a full version of this online for UK viewers but there are quite a few clips on YouTube. I really like Carrie Underwood's new Christmas album so getting to see the songs come to life was really enjoyable. Hallelujah is my favourite non-Taylor Swift favourite song of the year so I really enjoyed that performance. If you love country music, this is a great watch. 

A Little Christmas Charm (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

"A jewelry designer teams up with an investigative reporter to find the owner of a charm bracelet before Christmas Eve."

This stars Ashley Greene and I love her so of course, I had to watch this one. I also really like the male actor in this, he is from Chesapeake Shores which is a Hallmark TV show that I enjoy. You follow our main characters as they try to track down the owner of a missing charm bracelet and romance happens along the way. I really like the Movies & Mysteries Christmas movies this year and as I hadn't watched many before, I have a lot to catch up on! 

Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special (Apple TV+)

Now, this put me in a full festive mood! This was so much fun and every Mariah fan needs to watch this. I think it might be available on YouTube if you don't have AppleTV+. The selection of songs, Mariah's looks, the celebrity special guests and the sets were all perfect and so freaking Christmassy. 



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