Embryolisse Skincare Must Haves

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I love trying out and adding new products to my skincare routines and Embryolisse is a cult-classic brand. I have tried the moisturiser in the past but I was excited to revisit it and try out one of the eye products as that is one part of my skincare routine that is often lacking.Embryolisse Skincare Must Haves The first of the two products I have to share today from the brand is the Lait-Crème Concentré Moisturiser, this is available in a few different sizes with prices ranging from £13 to £20. It's suitable for all skin types is a beauty secret that is often used on movie sets. This will transform dry and dull skin to leave it soft and supple. You can use this in your morning and evening skincare routines, I love to use it in both and in the morning it makes a great base for makeup. You can even use this to remove makeup and as a repairing mask. 

I understand why this is such a loved product as it does work brilliantly. It is a no-fuss product and leaves the skin hydrated but never greasy and I love that about it as my skin can be a little oily at times. I love it as a makeup base, my foundation and concealer look much smoother when I use this beforehand. And it is just the right amount of hydration for my skin in the winter months so I will be keeping this in my routine for the foreseeable future!

The other product is the Radiance Eye Stick £20.50. This is also suitable for all skin types and provides an instant effect of freshness to the eyes while also creating an invisible firming film to reduce the signs of fatigue. And as this is in a stick, as you massage it onto the skin it will give the skin a cooling effect that not only feels nice but it also helps to decongest and reduce puffiness. 

I have to say, I really do rate this product. I love the immediate feeling it gives the under eye area thanks to the cooling effect and it's not heavy in the slightest. It brightens the skin which I always need as I get up at 4am every weekday for work so I am always looking a little more tired than usual. It also lightly hydrates the area which I am always in need of. 



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