Lee Stafford NEW Hair Brushes Review

 - This post contains gifted items - 

When it comes to hair care you can never go wrong with Lee Stafford, From tools, to heat styling products to actual hair care, Lee Stafford has you covered. These are two new brushes in the range and I have been loving them! Lee Stafford NEW Hair Brushes Review Both of the brushes are in the iconic shade of pink and the first brush is a limited edition and is covered in girl power icons on the back of the brush. The Limited Edition Smooth and Polish Paddle Brush £10.99 is going to help gently detangle your hair, combat frizz with flexible nylon pins. This brush has a soft touch grip and can be used on wet and dry hair. It has a soft cushion to adapt to the shape of your head and this is my go-to brush for throughout the day. It's also great to create your part at the scalp. I have always been a fan of paddle brushes and this one is perfection. I also like to use this while I blow dry my hair towards the end of the dry session to make sure my hair my is smooth. 

The second brush is the Dry Shampoo Blending Brush £10.99. This brush is a gem if you are a regular dry shampoo user. This brush blends the powder and lefts the root so you never have to worry about any dry shampoo hanging around after application. Like the paddle brush, this one also has flexible nylon pins but it also features synthetic bristle tufts that work their magic. This is the best brush I have used for dry shampoo, especially at the roots! I can't believe I haven't tried a brush like this sooner. 

Lee Stafford is a cruelty-free brand. 



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