Barry M Crystal Rock Nail Polish Review

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I adore Barry M products but it has been a while since I have got my hands on any of the newer products. But these nail paints were calling my name so I was really excited to receive them for Christmas. I actually gifted this to my cousin for Christmas too and we are such fans of them!Barry M Crystal Rock Nail Polish ReviewBarry M Crystal Rock Nail Polish ReviewBarry M Crystal Rock Nail Polish Review Swatched: Amethyst 

The Barry M Crystal Rock Textured Nail Paint is available in ten shades with three new shades now included in the range and they all retail for £3.99 each. These glitzy shades are going to give you a crystalised finish so if you are a fan of a smooth polish, these might not be for you. I haven't tried any textured nail polishes in forever so I was intrigued to see if I liked it as much as a glossy finish. I really like the shades in this line of formula and I really want to get my hands on a few more soon. 

The two shades I have are Amethyst and Blue Sapphire. Amethyst is exactly the shade you think it would be and has some silver and light blue glitter running through it while Blue Sapphire has a slight purple undertone with mainly blue glitter running through it. 

You apply these nail polishes the same way you would with any nail polish and as they dry it reveals the textured finish. If you don't love the finish, you can apply a thicker layer of topcoat and it would help to make it smoother and glossy. I really like the textured finish, it almost feels like sugar and I have found this formula to be quite long-lasting! 

You only need two coats to ensure there isn't any streakiness but in all honestly, I could get away with one slightly thicker coat and be good to go! Both of the shades I have are quick drying which is always something I am looking for in nail polish as I can't ever seem to sit still. Even though there is a lot of glitter running through the polishes, it doesn't completely translate on the nails due to the textured finish. You can definitely see it on the nails but as it doesn't have a shiny or glossy finish one dried, it does dull down. 

Barry M is a cruelty-free brand and these polishes are Vegan.


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