Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara Review

 Pat McGrath is a brand I am always wanting to try more from. The brand has been on my radar for a while but ever since that Taylor Swift British Vogue cover, I have been wanting to try the brand even more. Mascaras have always been one of my favourite products to try out so I intrigued to see if this was any good! Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara Review

Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara ReviewPat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara Review
 The FetishEyes Mascara retails for £27 and claims to give the lashes a lash extension effect and will work overtime to lengthen, give major lift and maximum drama in one stroke. It has a flexible formula that is buildable and will coat the lashes from root to tip to boost maximum length and volume. It has a nylon bristle brush with bristles that are perfectly placed to have control and precision over your lashes. 

This is a fine mascara. Would I say it's worth £27? Absolutely not, you can honestly get better mascaras on the high street which is disappointing. One of the first reasons why I don't think it's worth the price tag is the packaging, it's cheap and again, you can get better on the high street. It's a plain back plastic tube and Tarte has better packaging for £7 less per product (and the formulas are better but anyway). You can buy high-end mascaras for £25 with killer packaging so for this to cost more and have very cheap feeling packaging is a disappointment. 

The formula of the mascara itself is nothing groundbreaking but it does a decently good job. It adds some length, volume and thickness to the lashes but you can only apply so much before it starts to get clumpy. It's also not all that long-wearing and I have had a few issues with my lashes shrinking in length in the afternoon after I have been wearing it for a few hours which I have rarely experienced when trying out new mascaras. My mum also has this mascara and has said similar things and had the same experiences. We managed to get it on sale just before Christmas for £8, if we had spent the full price on it we would have been much more disappointed. 

If you are trying out products from Pat McGrath, I would give this one a miss. I do like it even though it sounds like I don't, it's just not worth the full price tag in my opinion. 



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