PMD Clean Pro Gold Review

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I love skincare, it's one of my beauty weaknesses and I love trying out new beauty devices. PMD is one of my favourite brands for beauty devices, I have been trying out products from the brand for a few years now and I haven't found one that I dislike yet! PMD Clean Pro Gold ReviewPMD Clean Pro Gold ReviewPMD Clean Pro Gold Review I have tried a few different devices from PMD now and I have been such a fan of them all. One of the ones I have already tried out is the original PMD Clean as well as the Clean Pro's and they are some of my favourite beauty tools. This is the brand new PMD Clean Pro in Gold, there is also a silver one available. These devices are great for those with problematic skin, I have acne-prone skin and these devices do truly make a difference at getting my skin clear! 

The Clean Device in Gold is going to help give you the perfect cleanse. This is an innovative skincare solution that utilises SonicGlow technology that gives off 7000 vibrations per minute to easily dislodge and break down dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This will then leave it feeling soft and clean and as the device operates at the ideal frequency to lift, firm and tone the skin it will also provide anti-ageing benefits. 

One of my favourite things about this device is that it has ActiveWarmth technology. This means that the device will heat up when you activate the setting and you can use the tool to assist in the application of skincare products, like serums and the tool can be used in all steps of your skincare routine. I love using this feature, it's a really nice thing to do in my skincare routine and enhances the application process. It also makes a difference at how quickly products sink into the skin. 

This is the same device as the PMD Clean Pro but this edition is extremely luxe as it features 24k gold aiming to help reduce inflammation. It will also help reduce the appearance of ageing while also preventing premature ageing which I am all about as I head into my late twenties Gold also helps support healthy collagen production and promoting elasticity and hydration. 

The PMD Clean Pro Gold retails for £225 - here


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