Nails Inc Colour Changing Polish Review

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For my birthday this year, my mum got me a bunch fo Nails Inc polishes and if you have been reading my blog recently, you will know just how much I love the brand. I had been really wanting tot ry out the colour changing polishes and I have not been disappointed! Nails Inc Colour Changing Polish Review The Nails Inc Colour Change Nail Polish is available in three shades as well as a nail polish duo and they remind me of something I would have loved as a kid! And even though I am now 27, I am still loving it and I need to get my hands on the other shades. It retails for £9 and I have the shade A Hot Minute which is a cool purple that will turn bright blue. 

This is a temperature-reactive, colour changing nail polish and whether you are too hot or too cold, this polish will interact with the temperature and change colour. I always have cold hands and as I am washing them a tonne, I have been really noticing the effect! A Hot Minute is said to have a matte finish but it does have a slight shine to it which I love and each shade in the lone has been formulated with added Kale extract to nourish your nails. 

Like with most Nails Inc polish, I know need two coats of polish as they are highly pigmented and sometimes I can even get away with one coat! This shade does need two coats but they dry so quickly that I don't mind. Nails Inc polishes don't chip easily on my nails and usually last four around a week before I need to repaint them. This polish isn't streaky and I really do like the formula. It truly does change colour! I mainly notice the colour changing effect when I wash my hands and the polish will change to a blue toned purple. It changes every single time I wash my hands too which I was impressed with, I'm glad it's not a one time colour changing polish. 

If you are looking for something fun to add to your nail polish collection, this is it! 

Nails Inc is a cruelty-free brand. 


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