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I am a sucker for a gorgeous book cover and this is probably one of my favourites so far in 2021. If you are looking for a romance that will also make you hungry, then this is the book for you! I am really excited this is a series as I will definitely be continuing with it whether it's a follow on with the same couple or a companion series. Sweethand - N.G Peltier | A Mainly Spoiler Free Book ReviewBlurb

Love is a piece of cake, right?

For the first time in forever, lifelong rivals Cherisse and Keiran are back in Trinidad at the same time. And while Keiran may have the most swoonworthy smile, he's also the most annoying man Cherisse has ever met. Unfortunately, avoiding him is impossible. With Keiran's close friend getting ready to marry Cherisse's sister, he's just been made the best man to her maid of honour . . .

Keiran doesn't know what to make of Cherisse. She might now be a successful pastry chef but to him she's always been a stuck-up brat who seeks attention, even as he secretly harboured a crush on her. Now it seems he can't escape her. But despite their antagonism towards each other, things turn heated after one rainy night and the pair are forced to figure out if they can survive the countdown to wedding day, without this turning into a recipe for disaster . . .

My Review

Where do I begin with this incredible romance that also made me so hungry!? This book is set in the Caribbean islands and features all black characters. The setting of this book was incredible and it makes me want to travel more.This book has so much great diversity (as a white person, I am always trying to read more diversely and you should too). I loved that Keiran was bisexual, a big softie and wasn't afraid to cry. I really liked how it was handled and discussed in this book as I think it's really important to show that strong men have vulnerability too. This romance is a 'I kind of hate you but I secretly like you' story and I couldn't put it down! I couldn't get enough of the fact that Kerian liked her more and it was adorable. You get to see Cherisse and Keiran's relationship progress from hating each other to friends to more and I adored the progression as it wasn't rushed and some moments were damn swoon worthy. 

I loved so many characters in this book that I could write a fully essay on them all but one of my favourite things about Cherisse is that she swore a lot. As someone who swears far too much, I loved that about her! And the descriptions of her baking creations made me so hungry so be prepared for that! Sweethand is written in third person with dual perceptive with some great steamy scenes. 

I loved all of the friends in this book, they were really funny and enhanced the story but I also had a slight issue with them. I felt like I should have already known some of their backstories and I felt like I was missing something at times even though this does appear to be the first in a possible series. I wish there was more of an epilogue from the book as I felt like too much was left open and I wasn't ready to leave the characters yet so hopefully the next book isn't a very long wait! So many moments in this made me smile and I need a copy for my shelves as it is stunning inside and out.

Sweethand will be released on the 30th of March 2021 and you can preorder your copy here



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