Recent Reads #31: Meghan Quinn, Mia Sosa & Winter Renshaw

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Today I have three romance books to talk about, two are available in Kindle Unlimited which I am the biggest fan of and one is an audible exclusive! I have been reading some great books recently and these are three of my favourite reads of April! Earn Your Extra Credit - Meghan Quinn 

" "She went home with someone else that night?"
Hearing the disbelief from my best friend's mouth makes the events of my failed date sting that much more. 
I would like to make it known, I have a lot more swagger than what it seems. I don't normally ask a girl out, have her fail to recognize it's a date, and then give me a high five--as if I'm her wingman--and take off with someone else. 
No. Normally I'm the one taking the girl home but with Stella, it's been one failed attempt after another and frankly, I'm done trying. 
But thanks to my best friend getting married in Hawaii right before the school year starts, I'm stuck on a tropical island, watching Stella parade around in what she claims is a bathing suit. 
Unfortunately, that's not the worst of it, just the tip of the iceberg. Because what I think is going to be a relaxing vacation, avoiding the one girl I can't seem to make it work with, has turned into a spectacle of being recruited as Stella's doting fake fiancé so she can save face with an old "friend" from high school. 
Now I'm navigating through purgatory while trying not to get turned on by the way she holds my hand or kisses my jaw. It's all fake, that's what I keep telling myself, even though it feels entirely too real. "

I loved this book even with Meghan making us work for that HEA! I really had no idea what was going to happen with our couple and that’s one of my favourite things about Meghan’s writing because it’s never predictable! 

This book was so fun, so steamy (hello balcony scenes) and also really emotional. I was laughing out loud multiple times and I’m already needing Cora’s book! I highly recommend this one and if you are a romance reader and haven't read Meghan Quinn yet, what are you doing!?

Sun of a Beach - Mia Sosa (Audible Exclusive)

"No-nonsense executive Naomi Reyes can’t believe she let her boss manipulate her into babysitting Donovan Taylor, the most insufferable creative director of all time. Worse, she’ll be trapped on a private island with him, while a bevy of gorgeous models vie for a coveted chance to grace the cover of M-Class magazine’s inaugural swimsuit edition—and, if the office rumors are true, an equally coveted place in Donovan’s bed. Still, if she survives the trip with no major mishaps, she’ll earn a shot at landing a dream job as an M-Class writer. Easy peasy, right?


Donovan Taylor detests people who try to undermine his artistic control, and his boss’s latest machinations send Donovan to a very devious place. Sure, Ms. Reyes will get her precious photo shoot, but it won’t be what she expects. Bonus? Ruffling the feathers of the humorless exec who’s never liked Donovan will be satisfying, too—assuming she doesn’t drown him in the ocean first.

Let the beach games begin . . . "

This is the perfect pick for a sun, summer themed romance novella audiobook listen! It has a little steamy scene towards the end and the perfect amount of plot to go along with their romance. If you love the enemies to lovers trope, you’ll be a fan of this one! And the narrators were brilliant, I’m not usually fussed but they really enhanced the listening experience for me!

The Match (A Baby Daddy Donor Romance) - Winter Renshaw 

"All I wanted was a baby. No daddy? No problem.
That’s what anonymous donors are for …
But when the fertility clinic accidentally sends me a letter addressed to a man whose ID matches my paperwork, I discover my child’s father is none other than world-renowned tennis champion Fabian Catalano—famous for his gorgeous face, chiseled abs, and broody, wildcard reputation. 

Only everything changes when the clinic calls us in for damage control—and Fabian drops the bombshell of the century. Turns out the intense Adonis wants to get to know his daughter. 
So I invite him to stay with us—temporarily.
Ground rules and all. 
And our arrangement is simple … until it isn’t.
Between 2 AM feedings and stolen kisses, my sweet little simple life has taken a very complicated left turn. 
But oh, baby. What happens next—is a game changer."

This book could have EASILY been a five star read up until about 70% in when it completely lost me. There was far too much drama with a lot of it unnecessary and after that, it was all a bit rushed. I really enjoyed the first 70% of this book and was surprisingly hooked as this isn’t a usual trope I would go for.



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