Skinny Tan Dry Mist Finishing Spray Review

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Hopefully we will be getting some nice warm weather soon in the UK and as I have been spending more time outside in the last couple of months than ever before, I would like to look a little less ghostly. I don't mind being pale but sometimes I want a little something extra and I always love some fake tan.Skinny Tan  Dry Mist Finishing Spray ReviewThe main issue I have with fake tans is that they can often transfer onto clothing and bedding once applied for the first time which is where the brand new product from Skinny Tan comes in! The Dry Mist Finishing Spray retails for £9.99 and I enjoyed it so much I have already finished the bottle while trialing it. This is a mist spray that will coat the skin in a lightweight veil of luxurious powder to instantly dry your tan and remove any unwanted stickiness. This product has been formulated prevent your tan from transferring onto clothes or bedding but will also help prevent colour transfer caused by heat or sweat. 

My first impression of this was how good it smells, it's delicious! It has a coconut and vanilla scent and I love anything with vanilla in. If you are a frequent user of fake tan, a product like this is so handy to have in your beauty stash. It really does work! I noticed that I had almost no transfer issues with my bedding and I am so happy with this as I have white bedding and it would never stay white whenever I used fake tan. 

I love the texture and feel this gives the skin, it's silky smooth and while it is a dry product, it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry. I will definitely be purchasing another bottle for the summer months. I only have a couple of brands that I will buy fake tan from because I trust them to not turn my skin green or orange and Skinny Tan is one of them. 

Skinny Tan is a cruelty-free brand. 


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