Blogging 101: Everything You Need to Know About Blogging, IS OUT NOW!

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Blogging 101: Everything You Need to Know About Blogging My book is officially out in the world! I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for the preorders, I am so excited/scared that my book is now available! If you can't afford or can't buy a copy but still want to read it, you can read the book completely for free. Starting today Blogging 101 is included in the Kindle Unlimited service and you can sign up by clicking on the widget below to get a completely free trial. If you cancel within your trial period, you won't be charged anything. 

I hope you find it useful if you do decide to read it and incase you missed my previous post about the book, this is what is included:

PART ONE - The Basics

This first part of the book includes everything you need to know to get started with having a blog. Including:

 1. How and Where to Start a Blog

2. Finding Your Niche

3. Importance of Social Media

4. How to Promote Your Blog

5. What Your Site Should Have 

6. A Blog Post Checklist and What to Include In Posts

 PART TWO - Photography

 In this part of the book, I share some photography tips and tricks and all the free apps and resources you could possibly need. Including:

  7. What You Actually Need For the Perfect Photo

8. Blog Props and Backdrops

9. All About Lighting

10. Free Stock Photos and Where to Find Them

11. Editing Software and Presets

PART THREE - Making Money Blogging
 This part of the book covers everything I have ever been asked about how my blog has become my part time job. Including:
12. How to Make Money Blogging and Disclose It Correctly

13. Gifted Products, ADs and Sponsorships

15. Affiliate Marketing

16. Adsense and Advertising Platforms

17. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes. 
 PART FOUR - Behind the Scenes
This next part is small but one of the most important factors when running a successful blog. The two chapters in this part are:
18. SEO Basics

19. Stats and Analytics 
PART FIVE - Blogging Hacks
The final part covers things I have learnt over the years and all of my hacks on blogging on a budget and how to stay motivated and organised. The chapters in this section are:

20. How to Run a Blog For £40 a Year

21. Free Apps and Resources

22. My Personal Hacks

23. Staying Motivated and Organised

24. Blog Post Ideas to Get You Started 

You can get your copy here (ekkk!!) 



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