Maybelline x Marvel Makeup Collection

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I am a huge Marvel fan (can it hurry up and be June 9th already?!) and I recently found out about a makeup collaboration that I had to share. The products aren't anything new but I do love the packaging and I found a few UK sellers so I thought I would share!

Photo credit: Maybelline Maybelline x Marvel Makeup Collection Maybelline has collaborated with Marvel on a selection of limited edition packaged products. All of the products in the range feature the logo's of individual characters so if you had been wanting to try these products already and you are a Marvel fan, now is the perfect time to purchase! In the States, this collection is available in store only in selected Walgreens and CVS stores but I found a few listings on eBay with decent prices! 

The first product in the collection is the Marvel x Colossal Mascara. This is a volumising mascara that I think I have previously tried as I have tried most of the mascaras from the brand. Almost all Maybelline mascaras are pretty good so I don't doubt that this one does the job it claims. This is the only product I haven't been able to find a UK seller for. 

Next up are the Marvel x Instant Eraser Concealers. This product is available in 12 shades and I love the packaging of these and I already know that I love the product as I have had it in the past. This is the product I know I will definitely be purchasing as I can never have enough concealer. This is a multi-use concealer that works on dark circles and works to highlight and contour as well as correct redness. These are available here for £5.75 and here for £4.79

The final product in the collection is the Marvel x Super Stay Matte Ink. These liquid lipsticks are available in five shades and will last on the lips for up to 16 hours with a transfer proof formula that has great pigmentation. The shades in the collection are Pioneer, Lover, Ruler, Fighter and Composer. There is a shade for everyone as there is a red, a few shades of nude and pink as well as a deeper and bolder shade. These are available here for £5.99 and here for £4.95



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