Bath and Body Works Available in the UK at Next

 The day is finally here! Bath and Body Works can be purchased from an actual UK stockist and I can't believe I didn't realise it was happening! Over the years, my most popular blog post has been my 'How to Get Bath and Body Works Products in the UK' posts but now we can buy everything at Next! Bath and Body Works Available in the UK at NextAnything you could want to try from Bath and Body Works' original lines are now available at Next! Everything is available to be purchased online but I will say, currently a lot of it is out of stock and as expected, everybody went a little mad ordering products when it first appeared! But I don't have any doubts that products will be back in stock soon and hopefully with some of the seasons scents too. 

I think the prices are pretty decent and are slightly less than what I have been paying to buy products from Facebooks selling groups and almost all of the products are included in some sort of offer. The 3-Wick Candles are £24.50 each but on offer for 2 for £35 which is a good price. These candles are honestly some of the best ones I have ever used! All of the full size body care is included in a 3 for 2 offer which I will be taking advantage of at some point as I love the shower gels and Fine Fragrance Mists. 

The Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps are £7.50 and again, like with the shower gels they are a favourite of mine. These are on offer for 2 for £10!  A lot of the body care products are also available in travel sizes for around £6.50 too if you wanted to try a smaller size first. There are also fragrances and products from the Aromatherapy ranges available. You can also get your hands on the Hand Creams, The only product that isn't available at Next as of right now are the Hand Gels which might be a formulation issue or something. 

How exciting is this! Will you buy making a Bath and Body Works order now products are available from Next?

You are available to only show in stock items on the Next website which will help narrow down products if you are wanting to make an order.



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