Spectrum x Hello Kitty Makeup Brush Collection 2021

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I am a huge Hello Kitty fan and have been since I was little. And Spectrum is one of my favourite makeup brush brands so this collection is like a match made in heaven for me! This is a small but mighty collection and I need to have these brushes in my life. Spectrum x Hello Kitty Makeup Brush Collection 2021This is mainly a beauty tools collection but with the addition of an adorable bag that I can't get enough of. Everything is available to be purchased separately but if you do want the full collection you can buy a bundle with a 26% discount so it's worth checking that out if you are interested! Included in the collection is:

Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry Sponge Set £12.99: A trio of makeup sponges, one full size, one half size and one sweet strawberry. These sponges can be used for cream and liquid products. They are latex free and work best damp. 

Hello Kitty 4 Piece Brunch Set £19.99: This set comes with the following brushes; B02 domed foundation, B05 precise buffer, B06 tall tapered blender and the B10 mini tapered blender.

Hello Kitty Sugar Cube Kabuki Brush £12.99: Complete with candy pink bristles this brush is perfect for on the go makeup touch ups and works well with powder based products. 

Hello Kitty 10 Piece Fluffy Pancake Brush Set £44.99: This set comes with a selection of face and eye brushes. You get the D04 dewy foundation brush, C07 multi complexion, A05 angled cheek, A29 mini paddle, A33 luxe fan, A18 angled foundation, B07 tall crease blender, A12 fluffy pencil, A17 angled brow and the A09 angled fine liner brush. 

Hello Kitty Cuteshake Bag £29.99: This bag is described as being the perfect size to hold your brushes and a few extras as well as your phone, keys and makeup essentials. This is far too cute. 

Spectrum is a cruelty-free and vegan brand. 


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