All the Books I Read in August 2021 (30+ Books)

August has been one hell of a reading month! I have read some really great books this month and reread some old favourites! As always, these are all romance reads and almost every single one is available in Kindle Unlimited which is my favourite subscription service!All the Books I Read in August 2021 (30+ Books)Tell Me I'm Yours - J.S Scott three stars 

Burn For You - J.T Geissinger three stars 

Beautifully Cruel - J.T Geissinger (reread) five stars 

Only One Chance - Natasha Madison three stars 

Vines - Brynne Asher 4.5 stars 

Paths - Brynne Asher four stars 

The Summer Games: Setting The Score - R.S Grey three stars 

Tempting the Billionaire - JA Low two stars 

Gifts - Brynne Asher four stars 

Discovering Mr.X - Elle Nicoll three stars 

Striker - Lilly Atlas four stars 

202 Cherry Popper Way - Penelope Wylde two stars 

Holding On - L.Wilder one star

Hacking Mr. CEO - Anna Hackett three stars 

The Executive - K.I Lynn four stars 

Touch by Touch - Kaylee Ryan four stars 

Faked - Karla Sorensen four stars 

Perfect Grump - Nicole Snow 3.5 stars 

Crank - Adriana Locke five stars 

Leather & Lace - Samantha A. Cole two stars 

Obsessed - A.K. Evans two stars 

Craft - Adriana Locke four stars 

The Rookie - Kendall Ryan 3.5 stars 

The Highland Fling - Meghan Quinn 4.5 stars 

Tell Me You Want Me - Willow Winters four stars 

Bad Situation - Brynne Asher four stars

Trusting Taylor - Susan Stoker four stars

Veils - Brynne Asher four stars 

The Newspaper Nanny - Maren Moore  two stars 

Mr Spencer - T.L Swan (reread) five stars 

Marx Girl - T.L Swan (reread) five stars 



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