My Everyday Jewellery This Autumn

- This post contains some gifted items -  

I love jewellery and being able to switch it up for the season. This autumn I have gone for more attention on rings. I love to stack rings and I have kept with an all silver theme. Most of these are items I have had in my collection for a while now but I also have a couple of new additions that I adore. Everyday Jewellery This AutumnEveryday Jewellery This AutumnEveryday Jewellery This AutumnEveryday Jewellery This AutumnEveryday Jewellery This AutumnOne of my favourite jewellery brands is Daisy London and I have quite a few pieces from them now and I can't fault them. I have a couple of necklaces but I have been loving my Estée Lalonde Goddess Necklace in Sterling Silver. I am quite fussy with my necklaces and as this one has a shorter chain, it fits perfectly around my neck and is really comfortable to wear. I love how simple it is but it's also a great laying piece. 

On my wrists I am never without a couple of bracelets, I am always switching up what bracelets I wear but most recently I have been laying a couple of Joma Jewellery 'A Little' bracelets. I like to wear most of my bracelets on my left wrist with my watch. Speaking of watches, I am still using my Apple Watch with my WsC Snow Leopard watch strap. I featured this in one of my Christmas gift guides last year and I haven't actually taken it off my watch since! I also featured the Daisy London necklace in that post as wells some Joma Jewellery bracelets which I didn't realise until writing this post so they really are favourites of mine. All of these items are in near perfect condition and I have been wearing them a tonne over the last year. 

I adore rings, I am a little like Phoebe from Friends and wearing a tonne of them ever since I was a teenager. I am always wearing at least six rings and I love playing around with different stack combinations. I created a custom stack that I photographed in the last photo on my middle finger and those three rings are all from Pandora. 

But, the rings I want to talk about today are my three new additions to my collection from Daisy London. The first ring is the Throat Chakra Ring in Silver. This is a gorgeous statement ring that has a reminder to strive for balance which is something I always need reminding of. I have been wearing this ring mainly on my right middle finger with the Estée Lalonde Sunburst Stacking Ring in Sterling Silver on my ring finger. This is a fantastic ring to have your collection as you can wear it so many different ways. I am thinking about getting it in a couple of sizes smaller for my little finger as I love it so much. The final new ring I have to share today is the Artisan Stamped Ring in Sterling Silver and I have had quite a few compliments on this ring already! I don't have any rings like this one or the Throat Chakra in my collection. 

All three of these rings are also available in gold if you would prefer that option. There are also matching items for a couple of the rings which I have my eyes on. Daisy London jewellery is effortlessly stunning and priced extremely well for how incredible the quality is. 

What jewellery are you wearing this autumn?



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