Flamingo Candles Christmas 2021

 - This post contains gifted items - 

One thing I always get excited about when its finally the festive season is all of the candle scents as they are my favourite kind and I usually burn them as soon as summer ends! Flamingo Candles is one of my all time favourite candle brands and you can't beat their Christmas scents, they have been a staple in my house for at least five years now.Flamingo Candles Christmas 2021Flamingo Candles Christmas 2021Flamingo Candles Christmas 2021If you are looking to treat yourself to some festive scents or you need some candles for gifts, Flamingo Candles is the place to shop. I love all things peppermint and candy canes are one of my favourite festive treats so the Peppermint Swirls Red Reindeer Bow Square Christmas Candle £12 is a dream of a candle for me! This scent has a mouth-watering combination of accord of fresh peppermint and spearmint with creamy buttercream. This candles will provide up to 50 hours of burn time and I always keep these jars and reuse them.

Next up are two of the tin candles and they retail for £10 each. The first is the Cinnamon Chai Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Pink Christmas Tin Candle. If you love spicy and warm scents, then I highly recommend this one. It has notes of cinnamon, clove, sweet vanilla and soft powdery coconut. The Frosted Candy Apple Dove Print Tin Christmas Candle is a fantastic fruity scent option. It has notes of sweet sticky accord of apple with warm salted caramel and creamy vanilla and musk. The tin candles provide up to 40 hours of burn time and they seem small but they back a punch when it comes to scent throw. 

Speaking of scent throw, all three of these candles can easily fill your home with the selected scent. I have always found Flamingo Candles to be really impressive with their scent throw and that's no different with these candles! Whenever I burn Peppermint Swirls I can smell it in multiple rooms. All candles from Flamingo Candles are hand poured in the UK. 

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes home fragrance without the flame or as a secret Santa gift or even something extra to go with a present then the Christmas Scent Star Letterbox Gift £5.50 is it! The star version is available in three scents and three colour options and you can customise it which I think is amazing! I have the Mandarin, Cinnamon & Tonka Bean scent in the Silver colour option, it smells heavenly. These stars are loaded up with your selected scent and can be placed in your drawers or hung wherever you like, you could even hang it on the Christmas tree! If you would prefer a different shape than the star, they are also offering baubles and Christmas trees scent shapes. 

Flamingo Candles also has gift boxes packed full of goodies and wax melts! 



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