The Inkey List Rosehip Oil Review

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Rosehip oil is one of my favourite skincare products and I have been using this affordable version for months now and I thought it was time to finally share my thoughts. I love The Inkey List, you can't beat the products for the price! The Inkey List Rosehip Oil ReviewThe Inkey List Rosehip Oil retails for £6.99 and I can't say enough good things about rosehip oil in general if you have acne prone skin. It is renowned as a powerful antioxidant with nourishing, protecting powers and is a product I have been swearing by for years. The Inkey List's Rosehip Oil is 100% pure rosehip oil and will help hydrate the skin while improving tone, texture and minimising pigmentation. It's great for dry skin types and it also contains linoleum acid which also makes it fantastic for oily and acne-prone skin as well. 

I would always recommend using an oil in your evening skincare routine as the last step. I will usually use this for about half of the week in place of a moisturiser as my skin isn't overly dry and doesn't need twice the amount of hydration. You only need a couple of drops for your whole face and neck. While the bottle looks tiny, it does contain 30ml and has lasted me about six months and I still have a little left. 

I have tried so many products to combat my acne and rosehip oil is one of the best. I do like to use this with a spot treatment and I also take Yasmin (a type of birth control). The combination of them all has lead to me having close to clear skin. I have tried a couple of different rosehip oils over the years and this is great one to try if you haven't used one before. 

I love how hydrating this product is and even though it is an oil, it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. Every morning after I use this the night before I love the way my skin looks. It always looks more even, with a healthy glow and with regular use my skin gets clearer and clearer. This one does have a distinct smell and it did the me a while to get used to it but now I don't even notice it. 

The Inkey List is a cruelty-free brand. 



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