Tips for Selling Products Online

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Every couple of months, I like to have a clear out of my clothing, accessories and anything I own really. I don't like to own a lot of things so if I buy new things, I like to either donate older items or sell them online and today I have a few tips to share! Tips for Selling Products Online

There a lot of different websites and apps you can sell items on depending on what you are wanting to sell including more general and specific product ones. For example, if you wanted to sell luxury goods like a designer handbag, there are companies like Fashionphile that you can sell and buy on. While I don't like Facebook, there is the Marketplace to sell items but if you like something niche you are wanting to sell there is likely to be a specific group or two for buying and selling of the product. I'm in a couple of these Facebook groups for buying and selling Funko Pops, Rae Dunn and The Happy Planner products and that do make all the difference when trying to sell your item. If you are also trying to get a hold of a specific product that is sold out these groups are great as well. 

One of the places I have been selling items for years is of course, eBay. It's one of, if not the biggest, platforms to sell almost anything online. And my tip for using eBay is to always wait until you get a selling offer on your account. The selling fees are pretty high (meaning eBay takes a cut of the sale price) but they often have free listing offers as well as selling fees being limited to £1 an item or 80% less which makes a huge difference! I recently sold a pair of shoes on eBay for £50 and without one of these offers eBay took around £6. A benefit to selling on eBay now is that they are no longer linked with PayPal so the money goes straight into your bank account within a few days so you won't have to pay PayPal fees anymore like you had to previously. 

I always think about the packaging that I am sending my items in as I try to recycle packaging and sometimes make it a little more fun if I am sending out something to a friend or if I have run a giveaway. But bespoke packaging is definitely something to consider if you have an online shop as everybody loves doing an unboxing on TikTok and Instagram these days and the packaging brings it to the next level!

When it comes to sending out the products you have sold, research beforehand the different courier and deliveries services available for the size and weight of the package to get the best deal. The prices can vary quite a lot and a couple of couriers will even pick up the package from your house to make it even easier! 



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