Products on My Sephora UK Wishlist

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A while ago, Sephora finally launched in the UK (it's about time!) and while one brand I wanted and was promoted isn't available yet (GXVE), there are still quite a few products on my wishlist and I thought I would share them with you today! Sephora UKONE/SIZE is a brand I have seen a lot on Instagram and I love the look of quite a few products however, I am not a fan of the prices. Some products are the same price as Dior and I just can't justify that so I will have to wait for a discount code. The main product I have my eyes on is the Cheek Clapper 3D Blush Trio Palette in Phat Ass. I don't actually have that many blushes in my collection and I think this would be a good product to add to it. 

Next up is a product from the Sephora Collection brand and it's the Colourful Mono Eyeshadow in Big Bang. This looks so pretty in swatch photos and I'm a sucker for anything remotely with sparkles. I don't have many individual eyeshadows in my makeup collection but I do like to have a few and these aren't too badly priced. 

Lip products are my weakness so I have a few in my cart currently. The first is the MAKEUP BY MARIO Plumping Lip Serum in Rose Glow - Rosy Pink. I have wanted this product since it launched and it will be one of the first things I order as I have seen and heard nothing but great things. I also would love the new eyeshadow palette from the brand if it makes its way over to the UK. The other lip product on my current wishlist is actually a gift set and it's the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Squad. I already have one of these lip products in my collection and I absolutely adore it.

The final product on my wishlist is the Mylee Gel Nail Polish Glitters Set. I have started doing gel nails again and I love them but I don't have many colours in my collection and I have heard such incredible things about this brand that I have to try it out for myself! 

Have you shopped at Sephora yet? What did you order?



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