Private Group Dining This Christmas (AD)

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Whether you are organising a work event or a personal one, private dining is always a fantastic option! Many restaurants and venues will have private spaces in their establishments which let you dine privately alway from the main restaurant space which is often a more ideal solution if you have a larger group. When trying to find a restaurant with a private dining space it can be a little overwhelming which is where Square Meal UK comes in! Square meal is an incredibly easy website to navigate making the event planning even easier. They cover many cities across the UK so you are bound to find a restaurant or venue that will work for you and your event. You can easily narrow down your searches depending on location, budget and group size making it that step easier to get your event organised. 

Private dining has become quite popular over the last couple of years and it is fantastic for holiday events! Whether your private dining needs is for a business meeting, work event or personal celebration, booking a private dinning room will make the experience feel that little bit extra special. With it being the holiday season, it's the perfect time to be thinking about one of these experiences if it's something you have the group size needs for (or it will give you the push to do it next year!). Christmas and New Year is always popular time for private dining but it would also be a great idea if you looking to have a small wedding which I hadn't previously thought about. 

They recommend when planning this type of event to create an initial guest list so you have a rough idea of the numbers which you can then narrow down your searches for so you can find the right restaurant/venue for your group size. It's also ideal to have a budget in mind and think about the type of vibe and atmosphere you are looking for as different restaurants will have a different vibe as well as menu! You'll also want to know in advance if any of the guests ave dietary restrictions or accessibility needs to ensure that the place you book is able to accommodate these requirements so everybody can enjoy their time as flawlessly as possible. 

Another great element to the Square Meal website is that they have a tone of articles abut private dining which will be extremely helpful if you are looking to book your first private dining experience. Even a group of 10 would be great for one of these experiences as that can sometimes be a tricky number to book a table for, especially in somewhere like London. 

Have you ever done a private dining experience? What did you think of it?!



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