Vegamour HYDR-8 Hair Care Range (AD)

I have been on a mission to get my hair in the best condition possible which is where Vegamour comes in. Vegamour is a hair wellness brand with cruelty free and vegan products that work in combination to promote healthy beautiful hair. Over the last month or so I have been testing out the HYDR-8 range and my hair has been thanking me for it.

Vegamour HYDRA-8 Hair Care Range
Vegamour HYDRA-8 Hair Care Range
Vegamour HYDRA-8 Hair Care Range

Vegamour HYDRA-8 Hair Care Range
The HYDR-8 Hair Care range has been designed to strengthen, restore and repair the look of dry and damaged hair. There are five products in the range and I have been using four of them, the Shampoo and Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner as well as the Deep Moisture Repair Mask. All four of these products are powered by Karatin, a vegan alternative that works to strengthen and repair the look of dry and damaged hair. 

The HYDR-8 Hydrate and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner aims to provide up to 72 hours of hydration and leave the hair eight times more hydrated after one use. My favourite benefit from the duo is that they will leave the hair 2.5 times stronger after one use as my hair needs all the additional strength it can get. I have been really liking this duo, these are those type of products that provide long lasting benefits and not artificial instant ones. Adding these products to your hair care routine will help reduce breakage and leave your hair super soft and with so much more shine! I love how shiny my hair looks. 

One of my favourite hair products is leave-in conditioner, and the HYDR-8 Leave-In Conditioner is a multitasking product as it also provides heat protection! This is a lightweight spray that has been formulated without silicones and will detangle the hair while reducing frizz for soft, silky hair. I love that this product has heat protection as it is often a product I forget to use but I never forget to use leave in conditioner so I am consistently reaching for this product. I do have very long hair so I always appreciate when products like this one are lightweight and don't weigh my hair down. 

One of my resolutions this year is to do weekly self-care and so far I haven't missed a Self-Care Sunday! One of the things I try to do every week is a hair mask and the HYDR-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask has been my go-to. This has been designed to reduce the look of damaged hair while instantly nourishing. The mask will work to combat frizz and restore hair for smoother and healthier looking hair. When I use this mask, I use it as a replacement for the conditioner as you don't need to use both. This mask is to be left on the hair for around five minutes but you can leave it on your hair for up to ten minutes. My hair always feels amazing after I use this mask, my hair is so smooth and sleek while feeling much more hydrated. 

Vegamour has a few other ranges so you are bound to find the right one for your hair care needs! I am very intrigued by the GRO range and it's definitely on my wishlist to try soon.



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