The Simba Hybird Duvet

 - This post contains a pr product - 

Today is National Sleep Day so there no better day to share about a new to me product I have been using! Sleep is one of my favourite things but one of my major issues is overheating. It doesn't matter what the season is, the chances are high that I am going to wake up at some point from being too hot which is where the Simba Hybrid Duvet comes in.The Simba Hybird DuvetThe Simba Hybird DuvetThe Simba Hybird DuvetThe Simba Hybrid Duvet is a 10.5 tog duvet that is suitable for all year round. This duvet to me feels like a luxury hotel duvet, I am extremely impressed with the quality! It contains the Simba Renew Bio fill to ensure down-like softness and warmth but is also breathable for a non-clammy feel thanks to their Stratos temperature control tech that helps to dissipate excess heat. I was so intrigued by this technology because one of the issues I do struggle with then it comes to broken sleep is overheating. 

There are so many things you can do to help improve your quality of sleep, including Feng Shui! I have been using this duvet for almost a week now and I really do like it and it's so nice to be able to be cosy without feeling like I am in a sauna! It's such fantastic quality and is so lightweight which is one of my favourite qualities about it! 

The Hybrid Duvet is available in four sizes, from single to super king, with prices starting at £139. The Stratos temperature control is included in all Simba Hybrid duvets. One side features the Stratos technology so you are able to flip it to suit your temperature needs. The fabric feels instantly cool to the touch so when its the closest side to your body as you sleep, it will dissipate any excess eat to keep you cool, even when you have a cover on it! 

I have truly noticed a difference since I made the switch to the Simba Hybrid Duvet which I have backed up with my smart watch sleep data, I can see a decrease in the amount of times I have been waking up throughout the night! 

The duvet comes in a storage bag, made of recycled materials, which is great to store your previous duvet in or keep on hand if you ever feel the need to switch duvets.  The duvet has a 100% cotton cover and made of 100% recycled/biodegradable filler. The duvet is machine washable and when you order online before 2pm, it will be delivered the next day (after 2pm within two working days!) All deliveries are also 100% carbon neutral. 



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