Celebrity Clothing Brands

Its almost like every reality star or celebrity has a clothing collection coming out at the moment. I watch a lot of reality TV so it excites me a little bit when I hear people from the shows have a clothing line coming out because i would love to dress like any of the Kardashians or Made in Chelsea cast. While doing some online browsing I came across a lot of good pieces from celebrity brands and had to include some in a post!

Celebrity Clothing Brands

1. Amy Childs Georgia Lace Dress £65; All of the dresses from the Amy Childs collection are super flattering and i just love the lace on this one and i think the colour is perfect for this time of year and i think this would be a great piece for your wardrobe with the holiday season coming up!
2. Kardashian Kollection PU Panel Skater Dress £55; Skater dresses are my favourite dresses and im really into the whole PU sections on clothing at the moment so this dress is the perfect dress for me, plus i am the biggest Kardashian lover so that makes me want to buy this dress even more! 
3. Holly Willoughby Sequin Tea Dress £55; I can't handle how cute this dress is! I just think it is perfect!
4. Binky (Made in Chelsea) Belgravia Embellished Maxi Dress £95; I think this dress would be perfect for any function you may have coming up! I wish this dress was available when i had my May Ball last year because i love it and it would have been perfect!
5. Charlotte Letitia Mila Dress £50; Charlotte from Geordie Shore has some of the nicest dresses in her collection and this one is no exception!
6. Kardashian Kollection Animal Print Bodycon Dress £60; I love the print of this dress and the picture of Khloe wearing it has completely sold me on it, she looks stunning!

Would you purchase celebrity created clothing? Which celebrity would you like to see have a clothing line next?

Hope you have a good week!



  1. love the amy childs dress, so pretty!


  2. I definitely would purchase celebrity clothes! Love hunting out where they get their stuff from!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. Ah that Navy Amy Childs dress is soooo amazing, I love the colour and style xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I love that Holly Willoughby dress, so cute! :)


  5. Lovely dresses Hun! Can't even pick which I love the most


  6. I sometimes am a bit iffy on celebrity lines--I'm not sure why! I would love if Zooey Deschanel had one though!
    Lovely Notions

  7. I had no idea Charlotte has a collection! Love Charlotte haha :) ill definitely have to go nosy xx

  8. I spotted some beautiful pieces at Kardashian Kollection, but unfortunately can't get my hands on them... Some of celebrity collections are quite high priced, don't you think ? Thank you for sharing anyway xx


  9. I love the dresses in Charlottes collections. I can't think of any celebrities which i would like to do a clothing collections, i think it's been done to death by everyone now.


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