Firework Nail Art Inspiration

Happy 1st of November! Before we know it, it will be Christmas Ekk!

With it being close to the 5th of November in the UK that means one thing.. FIREWORKS! Whilst doing my nail art inspiration googling, i found some easy nail art for Guy Fawkes Night that i think anyone could do! Im going to a party tomorrow for the celebration and i think i will have to do and do some of designs on my nails after i finish this post!

Firework Nail Art Inspiration
(Images are not my own, taken from google images)

I think from the pictures above, there is something that everyone can do, like the middle on the bottom row even i can do and it still looks good! I think my favourites from the nail art images i found are the first and last ones on the top row, although i dont think i would be able to do the last one as i am very much a beginner at nail art!

Will you be doing any of these on your nails for the 5th?!



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