Halloweeny Wishlist

With only eight days until Halloween, i have started to get a little bit more excited! I have been doing some online browsing like i always do when it gets close to payday and i found some bits and pieces that i thought would be perfect for Halloween and would be used after the day!

Halloweeny Wishlist

It is the season of candles and i cannot resit this Candy Corn Yankee Candle! And because the jar is decorative and has a filled in colour it can be used year after year by putting in a tea light or small candle! This candle retails for £16.99 on Yankee Candles website

Can we just take a second to appreciate the cuteness of this cat purse. I cannot handle the cuteness, this is from ASOS and retails for £6 and can we used after Halloween or even all year round and is available here!

Bath & Body Works Handgels have become an essential in my life, i have even got my little sister loving them, they all smell amazing and this one really caught my attention with the scent being pumpkin cupcake! I find all of my handgels on ebay! This scent is available here

Next up we have the Illamasqua Bat Lash Duo Set. This set includes bat like false eyelashes and a nail polish in the shade Swarm. I love the look of this nail polish and i think the eye lashes will be perfect for any Halloween party! This set is priced at £25 on ASOS.

This beanie is one of my favourites featured in this post, i just think it is so cute! This pumpkin beanie is from ASOS and is priced at £12, i think this will complete any outfit this Halloween.

And finally we have Sally Hansens Nail stickers in Ghoulie. I just think these are perfect for someone like me who is rubbish at nail art but wants festive nails! I found these on ebay for just under £3 so a complete bargain! 

Writing this post has made me want to go and eat lots of sweets and watch a Halloween movie now!
How are you getting into the Halloween festivity's? 



  1. I really wished i loved the Yankee Candle Halloween collection but i don't! Will have to stock up on their christmas scents instead!


  2. The cat purse is adorable x

  3. Oh my, that pumpkin beanie is so damn cute! x


  4. I want that candle!! There are so many fragrances I want at the mo!! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  5. great! <3
    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know

  6. Great selection. I really like the nail stickers. They look so cute!


  7. OMG those bat lashes look incredible :O love love love them! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. Mmmm, I just saw that Yankee candle for the first time today! I had no idea they were doing Halloween ones top! Definitely need one in my life! Love the pumpkin hat too ahha it's so funny xxxx

  9. Those nail stickers are so cute!

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

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