Spring Evening Skincare Routine

If you saw my Spring Morning Skincare Routine, you will know that I recently changed up my skincare for the warmer weather because I don't like to pile on the products when its hot as it just doesn't do my skin any favours. I have quite problematic skin, sometimes its so dry that it flakes off, other times its quite oily. And on top of that, I suffer from acne which I try and keep under control with a prescription but sometimes it breaks free and says hello. The products I have been using lately are the perfect combo and I have had lovely clear skin for a couple of weeks.  

Spring Evening Skincare Routine
I start off with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micellar Water* to remove my make up. This stuff does such an amazing job, I wear quite a bit of mascara and this water really does just melt it all away without stinging my eyes. I apply this to about three cotton pads to remove my whole face of make up, one for each eye and one for the face. 

I then cleanse with Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish. I rave about this all the time so you will know already how much I love it. I use this to make sure all traces of make up have been removed and to cleanse the skin and it does such a great job!

Once my face has dried off, I apply my moisturiser and lately I have been using the Steam Cream which I got in this months You Beauty Discovery Box. I do really like it and will properly repurchase as it really does hydrate my skin and get rid of any dry patches I might have. 

And finally I finish off with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+* to get rid of any blemishes or marks left behind after a spot leaves. This stuff really is a life saver if you have acne or even just a few blemishes around the time of the month as it really does work super quick. 

All of these products together have really been saving my skin lately!

Have you changed up your skincare for the warmer weather?

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*Micellar water gifted by company, Effaclar Duo+ was sent for review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Oh that blemish cream and steam cream sound awesome, will have to look into those.

    Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish really doesn't work for me sadly, it just makes my skin raw and full of break outs.

    So nice to see a post about prepping for the Summer months too :)

    x http://rosehq.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish; it is my holy grail cleanser!! I have started to use a toner to remove my eye make up x


  3. I've always wanted to try Steam Cream, and that Steam Cream tin is so pretty! I love your cotton pad storage unit too.


  4. I love this combination! I'm a huge lover of La Roche-Posay products and their results are flawless. I still need to try the Cleanse and Polish! I cannot believe I still haven't! Lovely post :)
    Rosie x
    Rosie alexandra

  5. I want your cotton wool holder! Wheres it from gorge? x


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