Summery Scents

In the warmer months I tend to not wear perfume. I sometimes don't want a really heavy scent and because its warmer, I tend to get a bit sticky and want a freshen up during the day which is where these sprays come in. I have been buying these for about two years now and they are the Victoria's Secret Fragrances Mists, before I was using these I was a big Hollister Spray lover. Every time I have been to VS there is always a deal on, currently I believe it to be 5 for £30 across the whole body care line so go get you some!

Victorias Secret Body Sprays
Pure Seduction Bloom and Love Spell Bloom I believe to be the newest releases to the body care line at VS in the UK and I think they might be my favourites so far. According to the VS website, as I am rubbish at describing scents, Pure Seduction Bloom is a flirty blend of violet blossom and red currant. Whatever it is, I love it! If you loved the original Love Spell, you love Love Spell Bloom even more. It is defiantly a lighter scent compared to the original Love Spell but there is something in it that makes it feel delicious! Go give it a sniff while you can because I believe both of these Bloom scents are limited edition!

Mango Temptation as you can imagine from the name, smells like mangos and has a hint of hibiscus. I really do like this one, I tend to put this one when I get out of the shower and my skin smells lush all day long. My mum loves this too as I keep finding it in her room.. naughty mum stealing ma stuff! The last summery one I have is Passion Struck and I think it is my current favourite. It is described as fiji apple and vanilla orchid and it just smells so yummy! 

All of the VS sprays I have tried have been super long lasting and have such good scent pay off. I have sprayed them on jackets before and days later you can still smell it which is amazing! These retail for £11 each but currently on offer for 3 for £24 or 5 for £30. 

Have you tried this before? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I love VS fragrances! I haven't picked any up since the beginning of last summer though. I definitely need to go soon! Everyone seems to love the Pure Seduction Bloom and Love Spell Bloom. Those will be two of the first ones I test. Great post!

  2. Really Good Post, I love body sprays and perfumes, girlies should always smell AMAZING !! I might see if you can buy them over here in the UK as I do love VS Stuff !! If you want to check out my posts and comment back that would be awesome, it is really great to get comments and feedback. (small point though, double check as you have a couple of typos hun - no biggie though, just constructive criticism) hope you don't mind. Thanks Emma xx

  3. I love these mists. I currently have Hello Darling, it smells amazing :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  4. I love the sound of these! im normally a perfume girl, but for years I was a body spray person!

    Catherine x

  5. I loooove Love Spell so I must go smell Love Spell Bloom before it does go! I don't like perfumes in the summer either, I find they wear off way too quickly in the heat and it's much easier (and cheaper) to keep refreshing with VS body sprays!
    Lou Barker xo

  6. These sound lovely I haven't tried them before and have always been set on perfumes, but if a body spray has longevity I am sold xxx

  7. I want to try these so much! Only problem is there's no store near me, and shipping to the UK is ridiculously overpriced :(

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  8. Gonna have to go down to London now! The packaging looks super cute, totally gonna ruin my saving haha.

    x Claire


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