20 Favourite Blogs of 2015

Whenever I am looking a buying a new beauty product or have a bit of free time, I always spend it reading blogs. I love finding new blogs to read and finding out about their favourite products. I have done a couple of posts on 'Blogs to Follow' but today I thought I would share my 20 favourite blogs of the year, my go to reads and ones that I always search for their reviews of certain products on! A few of these blogs to do not have half of the amount of followers they deserve so make sure you give them a follow if you don't already.
20 Favourite Blogs of 2015
1. Really Ree: For any products I want to see swatches of. I also love her Beauty News videos, always the highlight of my Monday morning.
2. The Sunday Girl: The one blog that I read every single post when it pops up in my Bloglovin feed. Gorgeous photography too.
3. Hope, Love, Freedom: I really don't understand why Stephanie doesn't have more followers. She produces brilliantly written blog posts and has sone of the best photos consistently throughout her blog.
4. British Beauty Blogger: For anything that is about to be launched! Amazing periscope account too.
5. Thou Shalt Not Covet: One of my all time favourite blogs, has the most gorgeous header !
6. Beautyqueenuk: One of the first people to comment on my blog posts and I have been reading hers ever since! 
7. Haysparkle: Once of my favourite reads, I always love her candle reviews. 
8. Which Beauty Box: If I am ever looking at subscribing to a new beauty box, this is the website I always check out. Gorgeous photography too and always has great discount codes.
9. Miss Makeup Magpie: The Pinterest Queen! I always look forward to reading her reviews and really trust her opinions.
10. Merry Musing: Always makes me want to head to the shops!
11. Dainty Desires: Possibly my favourite person on the internet.
12. Shona Louise: One of the first bloggers I found on Twitter and have been reading ever since.
13. Ellis Tuesday: Absolutely love the layout of her blog and always enjoy reading her content.
14. Tales of a Pale Face: One of my favourite blogs with incredibly photography.
15. Annie Writes Beauty: I am obsessed with her 'Top 5' posts at the moment. 
16. Pretty Little Beauty Blog: For all things pretty and pink! She has an incredible instagram feed too,  which is actually how I discovered her blog.
17. Expat Make Up Addict: The one blog that makes me want to spend every penny I have on high end makeup.
18. London Beauty Queen: Always has interesting reads about things that many people don't talk about. 
19. A Yellow Brick Blog: The best wishlist posts and for anything Disney related. 
20. Temporary:Secretary: I have really been enjoying her Yankee Candle posts.



  1. Thanks hun! I love reading your blog too - your pictures and content are always fab! xx

  2. I just opened all of the links! I hope to find some new blogs to follow!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. Thank you for sharing, I didn't know these blogs, will check them out! Buon Natale! Merry Christmas! Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  4. Thank you so much lovely! You've really made my day by including me and thank you for your kind words about my layout and my content!!
    You know how much of a massive fan of your blog I am too! :)
    Hope you're having a fantastic festive period!

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  5. Thanks so much! I'm so flattered and pleased. Hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

  6. Thank you soooooo much for featuring me lovely, you've made my day hehe xxx

  7. Love these types of posts i know a lot of these some i havent seen before so ill have to check them out


  8. I am so chuffed and honoured to have been mentioned amongst these other amazing bloggers, wow x


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