20 Favourite Blogs of 2015

Whenever I am looking a buying a new beauty product or have a bit of free time, I always spend it reading blogs. I love finding new blogs to read and finding out about their favourite products. I have done a couple of posts on 'Blogs to Follow' but today I thought I would share my 20 favourite blogs of the year, my go to reads and ones that I always search for their reviews of certain products on! A few of these blogs to do not have half of the amount of followers they deserve so make sure you give them a follow if you don't already.
20 Favourite Blogs of 2015
1. Really Ree: For any products I want to see swatches of. I also love her Beauty News videos, always the highlight of my Monday morning.
2. The Sunday Girl: The one blog that I read every single post when it pops up in my Bloglovin feed. Gorgeous photography too.
3. Hope, Love, Freedom: I really don't understand why Stephanie doesn't have more followers. She produces brilliantly written blog posts and has sone of the best photos consistently throughout her blog.
4. British Beauty Blogger: For anything that is about to be launched! Amazing periscope account too.
5. Thou Shalt Not Covet: One of my all time favourite blogs, has the most gorgeous header !
6. Beautyqueenuk: One of the first people to comment on my blog posts and I have been reading hers ever since! 
7. Haysparkle: Once of my favourite reads, I always love her candle reviews. 
8. Which Beauty Box: If I am ever looking at subscribing to a new beauty box, this is the website I always check out. Gorgeous photography too and always has great discount codes.
9. Miss Makeup Magpie: The Pinterest Queen! I always look forward to reading her reviews and really trust her opinions.
10. Merry Musing: Always makes me want to head to the shops!
11. Dainty Desires: Possibly my favourite person on the internet.
12. Shona Louise: One of the first bloggers I found on Twitter and have been reading ever since.
13. Ellis Tuesday: Absolutely love the layout of her blog and always enjoy reading her content.
14. Tales of a Pale Face: One of my favourite blogs with incredibly photography.
15. Annie Writes Beauty: I am obsessed with her 'Top 5' posts at the moment. 
16. Pretty Little Beauty Blog: For all things pretty and pink! She has an incredible instagram feed too,  which is actually how I discovered her blog.
17. Expat Make Up Addict: The one blog that makes me want to spend every penny I have on high end makeup.
18. London Beauty Queen: Always has interesting reads about things that many people don't talk about. 
19. A Yellow Brick Blog: The best wishlist posts and for anything Disney related. 
20. Temporary:Secretary: I have really been enjoying her Yankee Candle posts.



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