25 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

Merry Christmas!! I can't believe its Christmas Day already, it makes me a little sad because its all over for another year after today I must admit. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know how much I love Christmas, I think I have been talking about it since September (sorry!) so I thought, today with it being Christmas Day, I would share my 25 reasons why I love Christmas so much.
25 Reasons Why I Love Christmas
1. The Food: from the roast dinners to cheese and chocolate (not together obviously) I will definitely be the size of Santa!
2. Decorations: I absolutely love Christmas Tree and the outside lights, I have actually had my Christmas decorations up since the middle of November.
3. The Music: I have the best playlist of Christmas music and I have been playing it all day everyday since November.
4. Family: I love that I get to see all of the family which I don't get too see too much throughout the year.
5. Good Moods: Everybody always seems to have lifted spirits.
6. Films: I am not normally a big fan of films but I could watch Christmas ones all day long. My favourites are The Grinch and The Santa Clause.
7. Beauty Gift Sets: Every year I always look forward to the beauty gift sets as they always have the cutest packaging and are such good value for money.
8. Candles: I love candles all year but the Christmas scents are my all time favourites, so much so I actually start burning Christmas scents in late September!
9. Gifting Family & Friends: I absolutely love buying presents for others, especially my Mum - I have spoiled her this year and I can't wait to see her face when she unwraps her gifts. 
10. Time off Work: The perks of working in a school...I still get half terms!
11. Christmas Eve: This is my favourite day of the whole year so I wake up super early and just have the best time ever really. 
12. The Excitement in the run up: Everyday I get more and more excited about it being nearly Christmas. I thought as I got older I would get less excited every year but it is the total opposite. 
13. Cold Weather: Not that it is actually that cold where I live at the moment but I love getting all wrapped up! 
14. Christmas Jumpers: Not going to lie..I would totally wear one everyday in December if I had enough options. 
15. Candy Canes: I could literally eat candy canes all day everyday - why must they taste so delicious! 
16. Traditions: Every Christmas Eve my Mum gets everyone new PJ's to wear - does anybody else do this? 
17. Did I say the food yet?
18. Glitter: If you can't wear a bit of glitter on your nails, eyes or on your clothing at Christmas when can you?!
19. Wrapping Gifts: So many people seem to hate wrapping gifts but I love it! It is one of my favourite things to do, especially with a Christmas film or some festive music on. 
20. Advent Calendars: Who doesn't love a little piece of Chocolate every morning! 
21. The Boxing Day/Christmas Sales: I love a bargain, I know quite a few people that actually go out in the Christmas sales and get presents for next Christmas - craziness.
22. Pigs in Bankets: My favourite part about Christmas dinner, I can't wait to have some in a few hours!
23. Not getting dressed: I am so lazy I will admit but on Christmas Day it is the one day of the year that I don't feel guilty about being in my PJ's all day! 
24. Receiving Gifts: I won't lie to I do love opening a present or two. 
25. TV Adverts: Its not Christmas until you see the Coca Cola advert! I loved the Coop one this year as well as the John Lewis one. 

Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a fabulously festive day! 



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