March Beauty Favourites 2016

Goodbye March, you were a stressful month! Besides having to have my bunnies spayed, I spent days being so worried about them, its been a good month. This month all of the products which have become my favourites are products that are brand new to me and almost all were found during this month. One of the products is a stand out beauty product and I now *need* every single shade! One thing that isn't beauty related but I loved in March was The Big Bang Theory! I cant believe I never watched it before but I have now seen every episode that has aired, if you haven't seen it go binge watch on Netflix! 
March Beauty Favourites 2016
My first favourite this month is the L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist. I hadn't tried any high street setting sprays and I had heard mixed things about this one from L'Oreal but I absolutely love it! This makes a big difference in how long my makeup lasts and how it looks towards the end of the day and I actually notice a difference when I don't use this which is how I know I will be repurchasing it. It really does make my makeup last so much longer and even at 5pm it still looks as if I just applied it. I actually did a whole blog post about it if you want to check it out - HERE.

My next favourite this month is the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Super-Blur Stick. I have been a long time fan of the Benefit Porefessional but it is pricey so when I saw the Soap and Glory stick for £8 I knew I had to get it and see how it compared to Benefit. This is better than the Porefessional in my opinion and I love that it is in a stick form as it is so easy to apply. It really does make my pores disappear and it is the perfect base for foundation. I have been using this on my forehead and around my nose and I have been so impressed - goodbye pores!

My skin has been so dry recently so when I spotted the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque in the clearance section in Boots for £4 I popped it straight in my basket and I haven't looked back! I have been using this one a week and my skin has never been softer or more hydrated. While it is a masque, all of the product actually sinks into the skin and actually makes a long lasting difference to the hydration of my skin. If there is any residue left behind, all you have to do is wipe it away with a cotton pad and you are good to go. 

I usually hate concealers from the high street because I find them to be a terrible colour match for my pale skin. However the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer has stolen my love and has become one of my favourite concealers for under my eyes. It feels so lightweight on the skin and provides a medium coverage and really brightens up under my eyes. I did a full review on this concealer this month if you want to know about it in more detail - LINK

I can honestly say that 80% of the time I never bother with eye cream because I haven't found one that I really liked. However the Clinique Pep-Start has been brilliant and I have actually remembered to use it everyday since it arrived. It has been really helping to wake up my eye area and add some brightness. It has also made a difference difference in my concealer application - it has never looked smoother! 

My final favourite this month might be my favourite product from the whole month! The Lancôme Juicy Shakers are my new favourite lip product - you need to get your hands on at least one of these! These are so comfortable on the lips and add the perfect amount of colour for me to wear during the day. The applicator is one of the softest things ever and I thought it would be difficult to apply the product because of its shape but I really like it! I did a post all about these if you want to read why I love them so much - HERE.

What were your favourites in March?



  1. I can't believe you managed to get all of the Big Bang Theory episodes watched in just one months - that is some serious Netflix binging haha. I've heard so many fab things about the Lancome juicy shakers - they really seem to have been THE product of March

    Steph -

  2. Omg these Juicy Shakers are absolutely everywhere at the moment haha! Perhaps I should give them a try? Lovely picks xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. I have been trying the Bourjois concealer and i find it just does nothing at all, i do like the L'Oreal Fixing Spray though.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  4. Such lovely products! I sooo need to try the Juicy Shakers they look and sound so good xx

  5. The Lancome Juicy Shakers sound brilliant! I love the Loreal fixing mist!

    Parie x

  6. I love La Roche Posay products! I've completely changed my skincare routine because their products are so much better for my skin! Definitely going to try this mask!

  7. Really like the look of your favourites this month! The Fixing Mist, Soap & Glory Stick and Bourjois concealer I have added to my shopping list!

  8. I've not heard or read anything about that mist before but now I NEED it in my life!

    Sophie x

  9. I have the UD All Nighter Spray, so I'll definitely check out the L'Oreal Infallible spray when I run out, I also really want to try their Infallible primer. It is supposedly very good. Great post!

    Kiran |

  10. Love the lancome juicy shakers can't wait to try even more shades :)

    Lotte |

  11. I've been wanting to try the Clinique Eye-prerp for a while now. Thanks for sharing your favs!

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  12. hey girl! i posted a march favourites yesterday too! love your post and your blog overall. here's my blog if you're interested x

  13. I've just bought the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer and although I've only given it a quick test so far I'm not sure that I'm keen. I saw somebody say that it stays liquid and doesn't appear to 'set' and I would agree so far. Obviously I really need to give it a good try though x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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