April Empties!

April Empties!

This month, i think i did quite well using up my products. Hopefully the pictures are okay, as i said in my favourites post yesterday taking photo's is quite hard at the moment. 

The two hair care products i used up this month were Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner spray and V05 Heat Protect. Both great products really enjoyed them and have already repurchased the heat product and will definitely repurchase the Aussie spray in the near future.

Two Soft & Gentle roll on deodorants. This is my favourite deo at the moment and is about £1, i just find this works the best for me! They do last quite a long time i used one up at the beginning of the month and one at the weekend.

I also used up the Meow by Katy Perry shower gel, this product smells amazing, it came free with the perfume that i got for christmas and i really enjoyed using this!

Nail polish remover, pretty bog standard, did the job!

The make up items i used up this month are;

- Maybelline the rocket mascara; best mascara i usedin a long time! Will repurchase this, it gave such great effect to my lashes. I did a whole review on this mascara so if you want to check it out, its here.
- Benefit Powder Time Lover; i got this years ago and finally used all of the powders up, only took about three years! Better late than never.
- LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil in Seashells; this isn't actually used up, but the bottom bit got stuck in the cap and i have no way of sharpening this so its time for it to go to heaven.
- Kleenex Shine Sheets; i loved these and will happily repurchase!



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