April Favourites!

April Favourites!

Im hoping that the pictures are okay, i am in the middle of redecorating my bedroom and finding it really hard to take photo's! This month i have rediscovered some things and found some new loves.

My first favourite is actually a product i have rediscovered. At the moment i am hating heavy foundations so BB Cream is my new best friend. The Dream Fresh BB in Light by Maybelline is like heaven on my skin. I brought this product last summer and completely hated it i thought it was the worst thing ever but i left it in my make up bag and thought to try it out a few weeks ago and have been using it every day since. Even though i got the lightest shade it does look extremely dark before you apply it to the skin but once its all blended in it looks lovely. It doesn't give alot of coverage but to be honest, my skin has been good (touch wood) so far and it just gives me the right amount of colour and coverage. Im actually almost out of this so if you have any reviews of any BB Creams you have tried please leave them below!

I think my top favourite for this month has been the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. I have this in both bottle form and spritzer. This product for a start feels amazing and it makes my skin feel so lovely and is just so refreshing. I use this in the morning after my cleanse and polish and if my skin doesn't feel great during the day i just spray a little on the face and it makes it feel so refreshed. I prefer the spritzer bottle because i find it more convenient to use. Im almost out of this but i think i will purchase the full size spritzer bottle!

My favourite lipstick this month has to be MUA Lipstick in shade 7. Its such a beautiful peachy colour and it like my lips but better, i wear this with Victoria's Secret Minty Shine Lip Gloss and its like the perfect combo  and looks beautiful and i get a few compliments when i wear this!

My EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint has been used every day since i purchased it. It lasts for hours and tastes amazing. I do really notice a difference when i use this and my lips do feel super soft and smooth. The packaging is difference which i love and whenever i get this out of my handbag, i always get asked what it is!

In general, Essie nail polishes have been my favourite nail polishes. The one in the picture is Fiji as that it the one i had to hand but my other favourite colours have been Mojito Madness and Fiji. Mojito Madness is such a lovely green colour and i have this on my toes and its lovely!

The next nail polish that i have been loving this month has been Loreal Confetti Top Coat. This is just amazing and it isn't actually mine, my mum brought this and i keep stealing it (sorry mum!). It just looks beautiful on almost all nail colours and just looks so different.

My final favourite of this month has been the Bourjois Fan-tastic Mascara. When i first got this i thought i was going to hate it but, i love it. It gives great length to my mascara and i cannot say enough good things about this mascara!

As the winner of my giveaway never responsed to my e-mails, i have re-opened the give away! And it is open until friday the 3rd of may, all you have to do is live in the UK and leave a comment on this post with your email address! If you win you will recieve an email from hannahheartss@outlook.com so look out for an email on the 4th of May (this saturday).



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