iHerb.com Mini Haul, Review + DISCOUNT CODE!

A few weeks back, i made an order with iHerb.com after looking up hundreds of reviews online. iHerb.com sells a large range of items from food to beauty and stocks brands such as Real Techniques. 

iHerb.com Mini Haul, Review + DISCOUNT CODE!

I ordered the Real Techniques Powder brush after lusting over it for months! The main reason i wanted to order it from the States is because it was ALOT cheaper!

The brush itself retails for $9.99 £6.59 on iHerb.com and the shipping option i went for was $4. I also got charged a £1 international fee for using my card in a different currently by my bank which i didn't know but even with that fee it was still cheaper than buying the brush here! I also had a discount code which got me $5 off so in total i ended up paying about £6 with shipping which is insane! I actually have a discount code which will get you $5 off under $40 and $10 over $40 which is...


I placed my order on the 4th of May, it was shipped out on the 5th and i recieved it yesterday (the 20th) which i don't think is that bad shipping time from the States to the UK. I am used to waiting a while for items because i purchase alot on eBay from Hong Kong. The shipping option i used was Global Priority Mail by DHL.

iHerb.com also included two freebies of a pen and vanilla tea sample which i am actually quite excited to try! The package was well packaged with tissue paper and a fragile sticker on the outside and i didn't have any problems with it! It was actually delivered by my local post office aswell.

I recommend the website and i will defiantly be making an order again soon! If you do, don't forget to use the discount code, it made a massive difference to what i paid!



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