Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

A few people were asking for my thoughts on this brush when i featured it in my iHerb haul a few days ago so here it is! Real Techniques is a make up brush brand created by Samatha Chapman, one half of the pixiwoo sisters on Youtube. The brand is stock on Amazon and available in Boots and Superdrug in the UK.  Depending on the type of brush or kit you decide you want to purchase they retail under £20. All of the brushes from this brand are 100% synthetic which means they are cruelty free which is a massive plus in my book!

This brush has been on my wishlist for so long its unreal. This brush is my new baby, i am in love with her (yes, shes a her i decided). First thing i like about this brush is its weight, it doesn't feel cheap at all and feel really well made which is great for it being on the cheaper end for make up brushes if you compare the prices to say MAC brushes. 

The brush is super soft, i actually look forward to using this brush everyday. All of the real techniques brushes i have tried are so soft, softer than some of my MAC brushes. When applying powder, it does an excellent job, you can do your whole face with under four strokes which is such a bonus for me because the brush i was using before took so many because of it being so small!

Another thing i love about this brush is that the top of the bristles are white which means you can actually see how much powder you have on the brush which i love. I wish all brushes are like this, i hate black bristle brushes. 

I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone who wants to purchase it but is unsure as to or not. I actually purchased this brush from for about £6.50 as i purchased it from america and had a discount code, if you want to do the same as i did and purchase from, i have a discount code which is..


Let me know your thoughts if you have tried this brush before!



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