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Random Thursday Haul!

Random Thursday Haul!

I got all of this stuff yesterday so i thought i would share it with you all! All but one thing is from Tesco, love a good Tesco! The other one if from eBay and is by far the most exciting!

Random Thursday Haul!

 First up this the beauty products! I needed a new BB Cream because my Maybelline one is just about to run out and its my new favourite product. I thought i would give the Garnier one a try. I got the one for combination/oily skin because this one seemed to have better benefits that the one for normal skin, more recently my skin has gotten oily around the chin area so hopefully this will help with that! I believe it was on offer for £6.66 from £9.99 which is good!

I then picked up the new Maybelline mascara in Plush Mega Plush. This really excites me as sad as that sounds, i do love a mascara! This was on my wishlist so when i was it i couldn't leave it! It was £6, not sure if that is full size or introductory! 

I then picked up three little travel sized products as i am going away for the weekend at the end of the month and it seemed a bit silly to take loads of stuff! These were on 3 or £3 and i love a good deal. I purchased the TRESemme Heat Product, this one is actually my favourite so when i was it in travel size i knew i had to get it. Next i got the St Ives face scrub, i used to use this when i was young and i remember loving it so hopefully it will work well again for me! And finally from the little travel sizes i got some eye make up remover wipes, i got these for when i go swimming and just need to get that last bit of mascara off! From each purchase of these 10p goes to Cancer Research. 

Random Thursday Haul!

Random Thursday Haul!

 Then while i was in Tesco, they had a really good sale on and saw this jumper and had to get it! Its been a little cold in the UK at the moment which sucks so i really needed something a little more warm for work! This was half price so i got it for £5 which i thought was a great deal. Its really soft on the inside and its really comfy on!

Finally from eBay...

Random Thursday Haul!

I finally got my hands on a replica Mulberry Alexa bag. I am in love with it! I actually got my mum one in brown for an early birthday present and she loves it. Its really soft and so far seems like its been made really well! If you are interested in this bag, its from this seller and was about £17 each, the cheapest i found for this bag on eBay after days of searching!

Thats all for my haul this time! Its payday next week so expect a little haul in the coming weeks!

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